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| 1 minute read

Discover how to design user experiences that meet the FCA’s Consumer Duty expectations

Are you looking to ensure your product design meets the FCA's Consumer Duty expectations?

Listen to our podcast episode with leading UX/UI design agency Lighthouse for an in-depth look at user research as well as design techniques that can be used by everyone - not just design teams. Discover five key principles of design, learn how to understand your customers better, and find out how to use these to meet all four Consumer Duty outcomes and reduce the risk of causing foreseeable harm.

This is the latest in our series of podcast episodes offering cross-disciplinary perspectives on Consumer Duty implementation.

Good design - informed by robust user research - isn't just relevant to the Consumer Duty's first outcome (products and services). It plays into the value assessment, because design can give non-financial benefits and impose non-financial costs. It's crucial to meeting the FCA's customer understanding and support expectations through all channels but especially digital. And it can reduce the risk of causing customers foreseeable harm.

But everything starts with a strong knowledge of the customers you're targeting. Lighthouse gives us the lowdown on what questions to ask and research methods you can use.

And Lighthouse sets out five key design principles that can be practised by people in all roles – not just design teams – so everyone can benefit from this knowledge, including frontline staff who can turn each interaction into a mini discovery opportunity where valuable insights are generated

Just the sort of virtuous feedback and improvement cycle the FCA's looking for.

Want more? Visit our webpage for all our insights on the Consumer duty including our ongoing podcast series offering cross-disciplinary perspectives on the Consumer Duty.

And we're always here to help too. Reach out to us or Lighthouse to discuss further, including to explore how we integrate legal and design expertise to help you meet the FCA’s expectations.