Want to ensure your user experiences and interfaces meet the FCA's Consumer Duty expectations? Then listen to our podcast episode to learn about the power of "dark patterns", how to avoid them, and how to flip them to "light patterns" that support good customer outcomes.

This episode features special guest senior user experience (UX) designer Dan Burgess from leading UX/UI design agency Lighthouse to share his expertise and insights.

It's all about firms being able to account for customers' cognitive and behavioural biases that may compromise their financial decision-making - a key expectation of the FCA in its Consumer Duty.

You may have heard about nudges, sludge and friction. But we go further. You'll discover five key categories of "dark patterns" from least to most dark and understand how financial services firms can spot and avoid them - as well as flip them to the "light" side.

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And we're always here to help too. Reach out to us or Lighthouse to discuss further – or to explore how we can integrate legal and design expertise to help you meet the FCA’s expectations.