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Our interview with Fairer Finance on optimising communications for customer understanding

Want to ensure that your customer communications meet the FCA Consumer Duty’s customer understanding outcome? You’ll want to hear what Fairer Finance have to say. Listen to our podcast episode to learn about the requirements, simple and effective tips and tricks to optimise your communications content and strategies for customer understanding, and ways you can test how your communications are measuring up.

This episode features special guest James Daley – founder of Fairer Finance – to share his expertise and insights.

Learn about using plain language, deploying design thinking, layering your communications, conducting effective testing, using friction appropriately – and more.

And don’t stop with this podcast episode. Visit our webpage for all our insights on the Consumer duty including our ongoing podcast series offering cross-disciplinary perspectives on the Consumer Duty.

We're always here to help too. Reach out to us or Fairer Finance to discuss further – or to explore how we can help you streamline and target your communications for maximum Consumer Duty impact.


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